Aethra Chronicles files descriptions

The Aethra Chronicles were written in Turbo Pascal (6 or 7?).

Thanks to Joe Levy (Blimix) for providing the starting point for my understanding of these files.


1: different between shareware and registered version;
2: present in savegame folders;
3: new in version v1.1.

*: file completely understood;
-: file partly understood.


Data files
        AETHRA.CFG          :*  List savegames, sound & music settings, and nothing else?
        C1.RSC              :   ? city / worldmap ? 3072 bytes per screen ?? (36 screens) BUT: not enough bytes?
        C2.RSC              :   ? city / worldmap ? 3073 bytes per screen ?? (36 screens) BUT: not enough bytes?
        D1.RSC              :   ? dungeons ? 5377 bytes per screen @ 108 screens = 12 sectors??

        TEMP.DAT            :   ? This file is created by the executable, but no idea what data is in it.
1       GAME.EXE            :   Main executable; bundled inside:
                                  Worx toolkit version 2.1 Copyright 1993 by Mystic,
                                  Fastgraph V3.04 by Ted Gruber Software
                                  Fastgraph/Fonts V1.12 by Ted Gruber Software
        INSTALL.EXE         :   Installation and settings executable
1       GAME.OVR            :   overlay manager?
        STD.RSC             :   ? Sound?

        INFO1.DAT           :*  Guild and shop talk: 235 bytes each, 82 in total (some seem corrupted?)
        INFO2.DAT           :*  Info scoll texts: 625 bytes each, 12 in total (last entry empty)
        ITEM.DAT            :*  Equipment stats (weapons, armor, etc) 78 bytes long, for a total of 421 items.
        TASKDESC.DAT        :*  Quest descriptions: 426 bytes each, 178 in total (last entry empty)
        ENCNTER.DAT         :*  Encounters: 58 bytes each, 128 in total
        NMONSTER.DAT        :-  Monsters, each 58 bytes long, 130 in total

  2     MAP.RSC             :*  records which parts of the dungeon maps are exposed and which tiles are still
                                unknown.384 bytes per dungeon screen, for a total of 99 dungeon screens (=11 dungeon
                                sections) Map sub-sector grid ordered as column first:
                                  0 3 6
                                  1 4 7
                                  2 5 8
  2     T1.RSC              :*  Describes all items and interactive elements of in a dungeon. 8406 bytes per dungeon
                                section (9 screens per section), for a total of 12 dungeon sections.
                                Note: coordinates refer to dungeon section instead of dungeon screen.
                                Note2: 12th sector is identical to 1st.
  2     PARTY.DAT           :-  Contains up to six characters, each 1886 bytes long. NOTE: character statistics listed
                                include bonuses granted by equipped items and ability score bonusses.
  2     ROS.RSC             :-  NPC (Hirelings & Volunteers); format identical to PARTY.DAT
  2     SAVEGAME.DAT        :-  Savegame.dat stores the party's current X and Y coordinates, spell effects active, etc.
  2     STORES.DAT          :*  what shop sells which item and how many of them. Each shop is 2541 bytes long, for a
                                total of 44 shops.

    3   P1.DAT              :*  A Party.dat file, part of author's debug files?
    3   R1.RSC              :*  A pristine ROS.RSC file.
    3   S1.DAT              :*  A pristine SAVEGAME.DAT file.

Graphics resource (2 bit paletted colours??)
        PILLAR.PPR          :   ? Menu graphic??

Graphics resources (4 bit paletted colours)
        CHARPIC.DAT         :*  size: 24x28     player icon for combat view
        DRAGONS.PIC         :*  size: 120x120   Dragon combat icons
        FLOOR.PIC           :*  size: 16x16     Dungeon tiles, 164 tiles in total
        FRONTS.PIC          :*  size: 180x180   Store/guild fronts, 9 in total
        ICONS.PIC           :*  size: varies    UI Icons:
                                                0x    00: 64x74 (1 tile)
                                                0x  0940: 44x44 (1 tile)
                                                0x  0D08: 66x22 (1 tile)
                                                0x  0FDE: 22x22 (4 tile)
                                                0x  13A6: 24x24 (34 tiles)
        MAPS.PIC            :*  size: 192x192   in-game viewable map items
        MONPIC.PIC          :*  size: varies    Monster icons for combat view:
                                                0x    00: 24x96 'normal' sized (but *actual* sprite size is 24x32)
                                                0x07E900: 48x48 'large' sized
        OPEN.PPC            :*  size: 272x146   opening animation
        PARCH.PIC           :*  size: 48x48     parchment (borders, corners, etc)
        PIC1.RSC            :*  size: 16x16     map tiles (overlay) 2160 tiles in total
        PORTS.RSC           :*  size: 60x60     portraits (overlay)
        SPECIALS.PIC        :*  size: 24x28     polymorphed player icon for combat view
        SPEFFS.DAT          :*  size: 36x108    spell effects
        TREE.DAT            :-  size: 64x60     trees, walls for combat view BUT: some sort of extra bytes between 

The following .wav and .mid files are named within GAME.OVR and GAME.EXE:
    creaks1.wav, creaks2.wav, creaks3.wav, creaks4.wav, shut1.wav, shut2.wav, sdoor1.wav, sdoor2.wav, lock1.wav,
    lock2.wav, blasteff.wav

    openmus.mid, moodmus.mid, dungeon.mid, marchmus.mid, citymus.mid

    punchef2.wav, hit3eff.wav, punchef1.wav, crossbo1.wav, missef1.wav, punchef3.wav, missef2.wav, stab1.wav,

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Thank you for your efforts,

I also loved this game. I know Aethra is not perfect, but its one of the most enjoyable crpg I've played.

I would like to play some remake or further chapters.
by Lagi   (2015-11-09 18:12:28) [ Reply ]

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