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Throughout the years, whenever I came across some information on The Aethra Chronicles, I stored it on my hard disk. Unfortunately, I did not keep track of where I found stuff. As a result, I'm not able to properly attribute the teasers and advertisers below to those who wrote them (I believe most of these were written by Michael Lawrence himself).

Short Description

A fantasy role-playing game with High Resolution
16 Color EGA/VGA graphics

Long Description

The Aethra Chronicles is a fantasy role playing game
similar in style to Ultima and Bards Tale.  The player is on a
quest to discover who has kidnapped the newborn prince and why.
The game starts with the player creating his character and two
companions. Additional companions may be hired or found at some
point in the game. The quest will take the characters to every
town and village in the land. Many fearsome creatures will have
to be faced. There are over a hundred different monsters from
the lowly Giant Rat to the fearsome Red Dragon.

Advertiser 1

The Aethra Chronicles, a Fantasy Role Playing
game unlike any Shareware Game in its Genre.
Incredible High Resolution Graphics are just
the start. You are on a quest to save the
kidnapped prince and clear your fathers name.
You will create your characters, hire or find
companions to join you in your quest and then
you are off.  Your Travels will take you
across the land to find what clues you can.
Clues which will lead you to discover the
horrible truth behind the young princes
disappearance.  We believe you will truly be
surprised by this one.  Requires EGA/VGA, 286
or better, and 6 Meg Free on Harddrive.  Mous
and Soundcard recommended

Advertiser 2

The Aethra Chronicles 1.0c is a fantasy role
playing game which challenges you to find who
kidnapped the newborn prince and why. Start
by creating your character and two
companions. Each character can be given
special attributes, such as strength,
marksmanship, or sorcery, to help you in your
quest.     Additional companions may be hired
as you sell and trade goods in various
markets. Attend universities to gain more
skills. You can talk to the characters you
meet to get more clues, but some of them may
want favors in return. Requires 6M of disk
space. Music and sound effects require a
SoundBlaster compatible sound card. This is
available on two 3.5" 1.44MB MegaDisks for
the special disk fee of $9.99. (Michael
Lawrence) (Reg.Fee: $25)

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Awesome site! I don't know if this is the right place to post it, but back in around 2004, one of my friends and I actually tracked down Michael Lawrence. We kept getting the "bad ending", and didn't understand why, so we found a bunch of Michael Lawrences through online directories, called one up, and got lucky! It was probably around 10pm where he was, and the conversation went something like this:

Michael: "Hello?"
Me: "Hi, is this Michael Lawrence?"
Michael: "Yes?"
Me: "Did you write Aethra Chronicles?"
Michael: "Yes, but that was, like, twenty years ago..."
Me: "Great! Listen, my friend and I just fought the....."
And so on.

Michael actually helped us out, and we got the good ending shortly thereafter! I wish I had kept in touch somehow; this really is one heck of a great game.
by Yan   (2019-06-22 18:37:24) [ Reply ]
Thanks for putting this site together. Seems like Michael Lawrence is back in game development under Digital Night Studio.

by ShaggyMoose   (2021-06-02 12:16:33) [ Reply ]

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