Spell list

Clerical Spells

Book of Faith

The Book of Faith contains the healing which is vital to keeping a party alive.

Book of Invocation

The Book of Invocation contains the spell necessary to battle the horrible evils brought into the world.

Book of Redemption

The Book of Redemption contains the knowledge needed to protect the party and smite down ones enemies.

The Realms of Magic

Discipline of Universal Arcanum

The foundation of magic, upon wich all the specialization build their realm.

Elemental Discipline

Spells from the Elemental Discipline work closely with nature itself, borrowing from the raw essence of nature to shape the desired effects.

Discipline of Chronometry

The Discipline of Chronometry manipulates the intricates of time.

Discipline of Transmogrification

The Discipline of Transmogrification encompasses art of transforming something into something else.

Discipline of Sorcery

The spells from the Discipline of Sorcery take nature's energy and burn it, creating intensive and violent effects.

Discipline of Mental Acuity

Spells from the Discipline of Mental Acuity rely entirely on the power of the casters own mind. Mental spells may extend their power over others, with mind numbing effects.

Discipline of Conjuration

Discipline of Conjuration seems to make something from nothing by summoning items or creatures from somewhere else to aid the caster.

Class Spells

Sylvan Magick

Spells drawn from nature itself, to aid the those who help it and tear down those who harm it.

Path of the Ashikari

The ashikari's spells are used to augment the combat abilities of the caster, and caster only.

The Sword of Righteousness

The spells of the Sword of Righteousness augment the casters combat abilities and to strike down his foes.

Songs of the Minstrel

The Minstrel's spells works with lore and help to avoid combat by charm and distraction.

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