For my figuring out the various files of the Aethra Chronicles, I've written quite some PHP scripts. Since I believe in open source software, I've decided to release all those scripts licenced under EUPL (licence text). These scripts are meant to be run through a webserver, using html pages as a GUI.
These scripts are provided here for any other programmer out there wishing to toy around with the game's files. If you are a programmer, you can probably find quite a lot of detail that did not make it onto this website, hidden in these scripts.

The scripts should be easy enough to follow for those with a little experience with PHP.

These script files were written to do a job. As such, they are very hack-ish, use a lot of not-so-nice programming practices, pay no attention to security whatsoever (not even basic parameter checks are performed) and they are easy to get into an error state.
At the same time, they read and write directly to your webserver's disk. So:

Download (revision 98)

Note 1: These scripts were written to do their job on a Windows machine. As such, there is a fair chance that it will give an error on any case-sensitive operating system such as Linux.

Note 2: The javascript, in the html GUI for these scripts, works fine in Firefox, but may give errors in other browsers.

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what that scripts do?
by Lagi   (2015-11-09 18:29:18) [ Reply ]
I wrote those script to figure out the data-formats used by the game files. These scripts allow you to read the data from the game files directly and, in some cases, write (change) the data in the game files. You could cheat with these scripts or create mods if you wanted.
by Pixelfck (webmaster)   (2015-11-09 18:34:06) [ Reply ]
Damm, I always dream to tamper with Aethra (add new things/mod existing stats).
by Lagi   (2015-11-11 15:31:47) [ Reply ]

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